6x6 australia

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6x6 australia

Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. Some of the best 6x6 vehicles ever created.

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So, here are six of the best 6x6s:. US tuner Hennessey Performance has sprinkled its magic touch over the yet-to-hit-the-market V6 Ford F Raptor to create one hell of a machine. It also includes: 6x6 locking rear axles, upgraded Fox suspension, upgraded inch wheels and off-road tyres, special front and rear bumpers, a rollbar, and LED lights. Heavy-duty Mopar Dana 44 diffs were required front and rear to cater for the surge in performance.

These work in tandem with a Ford nine-inch pass-through diff. Plenty more work has been put into this unbelievable machine. With an overall length of 6.

6x6 australia

Read the complete review here. Invehicles began entering service. The 6x6 version has a payload capacity of kg. If you think we may have overlooked a ripper 6x6, let us know on our Facebook page. New 4x4s coming to Australia in By Fraser Stronach 08 Jan Arctic Trucks preps Ford F for Antarctica. By Daniel Wong 14 Apr Hennessey gives the F the supercharged-V8 treatment. By Daniel Wong 02 Mar Supercharger kit adds kW bite to the Coyote V8-equipped F By Tristan Tancredi 15 Jul Powered by.

My Garage 0 Compare Cars. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages Ok.We make the Heavyweight Payload and Trailer Capacities, that used to be difficult to achieve, now realistically achievable, and we do it affordable, AND most of all with safety in mind! Full payment for these are normally required at the build commencement or when contracts are signed. Most of these take between only weeks to complete.


After we know what specific work and components the vehicle requires, e. Diff Gears, and only once we are all ready to commit do we finalise drafting up a formal Purchase Agreement together. Bob and his sons developed this technology in Australia over the course of 3 decades since There is no competition! Not all 6x6s are built with this level of assurance.

Then compare that to financial outlay on your part. Medium-Lightweight 6x6s Mazda BT; Ford Ranger; Toyota Hilux; Nissan Navara; and Mitsubishi Tritonlike all our other 6x6s, are built for increased weight carriage focused on safety, comfort, and usable and reliable performance. Nissan Patrols and Toyota Landcruisers. Increased capacity for safe carriage of heavy loads, across all-terrains, and in reliable comfort is, and always has been, our aim.

At standard price, vehicles get the usual fully reinforced chassis extension of 1,mm minimum crafted with new folded plate steel chassis-rail sections, fully-welded. Then we use stitched 6mm steel Fisch-plating, and then for Heavyweight GVM conversions extensive 4 x 50mm square RHS bracing running beneath the chassis rails. Your custom order might require a longer chassis too, e. To an extent, this can be as long as you want max. The amount of real traction created with four wheels under power, so close to each other is phenomenal.

Our Bogie-drives provide phenomenal traction. This adds to the hidden costs in those already expensive systems. All brake parts, and diff-housings, etc. This price increase covers necessary build increases such as chassis extension reinforcing materials and workmanship, etc. Prices are often negotiable and sometimes we have a discount sale on, e.

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Also, exactly what optional extra work is involved might effect final pricing, e. Unless requested otherwise with your custom order. This is no extra cost, but part of the overall price.Here we list the various companies which do convert vehicles into 6-wheel vehicles, using a 6x6 or 6x4 drive formula.

Some companies are no longer in business, but we still list these companies to provide an archive of excising conversions. Their first 6x6 conversion dates back to Over the years, the company did convert vehicles from various manufacturers. The company sold some vehicles in the Middle East, including 6x6 vehicles for falconry. These hunting vehicles have an open body and can be based on various chassis. More background information on the technology behind the conversion can be found here.

The company does use the technology from 6x6 Australia for its conversions.

6x6 australia

Read more. Its core business is upgrading 4x4 vehicles to make them perform better off-road. At the top of the range, Arctic Trucks has vehicles on inch tyres. Designed to drive on the large snowfields in Iceland. Over the years Arctic Trucks did build some Toyota Hilux 6x6 conversions. At least 8 Hilux 6x6 vehicles are in use on bases in Antarctica.

Conversion: Toyota 70 and series. Bruiser Conversions offers various modifications for Jeeps.

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There main business are engine swaps LS, Hemmi and diesel. The Land Cruiser series 6x4 and 6x6 conversions by Bullant Engineering do have custom made rear axles and a coil spring suspension with a load sharing mechanism.

Air suspension is an option. The company does offer 6x6 conversions for the Ford F and F The company differential engineering offers replacement axles for Pickup trucks and light off-road vehicles.

These axles can be used in a tandem configuration, thanks to a pass-through in the differential of the first rear axle. The company offers various services. It can restore, modify or convert a Land Rover Defender. Other vehicles started life as a Land Rover 4x4, which converted Foley into 6x4 or 6x6 versions. The Hennessey Goliath 6x6 is a unique vehicle built by Hennessey in a limited series of 24 trucks.

The truck has a tuned engine, a lift kit and a custom bed. It has inch rims and inch tyres. The conversion does also includes an upgraded suspension Fox shocksinch wheels, custom front and rear bumpers, a rollbar and LED lights. Other modifications include a V8 engine swap for the Sprinter.

In they presented their Sprinter generation NCV3 3 axle version. This conversion adds a non-driven tag axle to a Sprinter chassis. This conversion was available up to model year The GVM is up to 7,5 ton, depending on the vehicle used for the conversion.

6x6 australia

This conversion can be based on a 4x4 or 4x2 vehicle. These modifications include a stronger rear axle housing with track correction to match the front axlechrome molly axles splines higher torque rating and a bold on coil conversion kit for the rear axle.Our system operates in full-time bogie-drive, providing dependable user-friendly operation.

A condition where the Rearmost Wheel set is effectively dragged around tight turns. With our conversions, we have no noticeable increase in tyre wear over time. The outer two wheels of the Bogie set will spread apart slightly, and the inner two wheels will contract toward each other. This effectively steers it like how a Skateboard does.

Because it is just that, a kind of small semi-trailer. It is capable of carrying more weight, and towing much larger trailers than usual. We also do various Heavyweight models.

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These components allow each Axle to sense when its fellow Axles are maneuvering or losing traction at all e. So the complementary Axle manipulates its Wheels into an optimal position. Ours work in seamless partnership with one other to hold solid and safe traction throughout any and every scenario by sharing the load effectively. We extend the Chassis by a minimum of 1,mm to fit our Bogie-drive Suspensions, which allows same for a new tray.

Depending on its purpose, any reasonable length up to 1,mm extension can be added to the Chassis and Tray Bodies. Our 6X6, with its constant Twin Axle Bogie-drive setup is what this phenomenally simple little invention was designed for in the beginning.

Ranger and BT-50 6x6 conversion by 6x6 Australia#

Contact us to quickly discuss what we can do to help serve your needs, and invite you to come and visit us any time to get a real life demonstration. Robust engineering and fabrication allows us to give the Chassis and Suspension a Lifetime Warranty on Components and Workmanship. Full load-sharing of payload weight to each wheel, with up to mm wheel travel nothing else comes even close to this. Ours outperforms all other Bogie-drive suspension systems on Earth.

Can carry this camper loaded, and still Tow a large Trailer safely. The article below independently explains this. They can now carry loads more, go faraway on exploration adventures, and make it there and then return in one piece to tell of the adventure. With our 6X6, make it easier to carry and tow more in safety and comfort. Notice, unlike other 6X6 conversions available, our exceptional wheel articulation allows the drive-wheels constant surface contact, in turn providing more constant and reliable traction for keeping your load safely under control, instead of ever letting it hang in space.The 6X6 Australia conversion is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit mining, agricultural, forestry and recreational users.

The conversion allows for a full 3 tonne payload on a cab chassis 6WD vehicle. With a tray length of between 3. The vehicle is fitted with 6 wheel ventilated discs at the completion of the conversion. This ensures maximum braking efficiency and durability under the hardest conditions. Longer brake life can be expected under most conditions.

The four rear wheels have extremely long wheel travel due to the unique load share coil spring suspension design. Most conversions have mm or more suspension travel. This ensures the wheels are able to drive under rugged off road conditions. The 6X6 Australia conversion can be effected onto new or second-hand vehicles.

It has full ADR engineering approval, and should be considered for heavy use conditions and special applications. Ute World A World of Ute information Ute Newsletter. Ute World Categories. About 6x6 Australia. Weight Carrying The conversion allows for a full 3 tonne payload on a cab chassis 6WD vehicle.

Braking The vehicle is fitted with 6 wheel ventilated discs at the completion of the conversion. Rear Wheel Travel The four rear wheels have extremely long wheel travel due to the unique load share coil spring suspension design. Click to enlarge. E-Mail 6x6 Australia.

Ute World. Ute World is part of the www.Unlike four-wheel drive drivetrains, the configuration is largely confined to heavy-duty off-road and military vehicles, such as all-terrain vehiclesarmored vehiclesand prime movers.

When such a vehicle only has six wheels by definition all are driven. Most six-wheel drive vehicles have a forward axle and two at the rear with only the front pair steeringor three evenly spaced in varying steering configurations.

Depending on the vehicle's role, the number of wheels varies between six in three pairs and ten with two in the front and two dual axles with four wheels apiece in the rear. Drive may be limited to the rear two axles for on-road use. Concept cartestbedand limited production commercial examples include:.

Mercedes G-Class (or G-Wagon) 6x6 conversion

Twin axle drive in the rear, and an integrated "roll steer" function built into the suspension design. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from 6x6. Hayes extra-heavy 6x6 wheel truck operated in Spain by Transportes Arbegui. Retrieved January 28, Car design. Hot rod Lead sled Lowrider Street rod T-bucket. Compact executive Executive Personal. Compact Mini. Front Mid Rear. Portal Category Template:EC car classification. Categories : Six-wheel drive Car layouts Six-wheeled vehicles.

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Wikimedia Commons.Most of these vehicles are 6x6 conversion, some rear wheel drive vehicles have been converted into a 6x4 drive. Most conversions have been 6x6 pickup trucks. Several wagons have been converted in to a double cab pickup truck. Some of the converted chassis have received a custom body by coach builders.

Patriot Campers’ 6x6 Land Cruiser 79 Series review - 4X4 Australia

A small number of Toyota 70 series and Nissan Patrol 6x6 chassis have been used as mini buses to transport tourist in remote spots. First step in the conversion is the frame. This is cut in half on top of the rear axle. A frame extension of mm to mm depending on the type of vehicle is welded in between the both parts of the frame. The original rear axles is mounted in third position.

The second rear axle is a modified axles, which has a pass-through to drive the third axle. Both rear axles are connected via a clutch power-dividerwhich engages when the second axles loses traction. At that point, the third axle is driven. The conversion does have coil springs on the rear axles, with a load sharing bogie on top of these springs.

The rear axles have up to mm wheel travel, for an optimal grip off-road. The geometry of the suspension is designed to provide a limited self-steering in corners. When the vehicle takes a corner, the weight shifts to the wheel on the outside of the corner. This pushes the springs in and the suspension arms increase the distance between the 2 rear axles.

On the wheels at the inside of the corner, the opposite does happen. As there is less weight on this springs, the suspension arms decrease the distance between the rear axles.

6x6 australia

The downside of this geometry is a decreased grip when de vehicles is drive on a sideward slope. There the self-steering suspension decreases the grip and the vehicle tends to slip sideways.

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This is the drive-through, mounted in the second axle. The power-divider clutch is mounted. Rear suspension Picture credits: 6x6australia. An overview of the available conversion.

Six of the best 6X6s

Frame First step in the conversion is the frame. The extended frame can be reinforced, this depend on the GVM of the converted vehicle. Suspension The conversion does have coil springs on the rear axles, with a load sharing bogie on top of these springs. This results in less tyre scrub in corners and an improved road holding of the vehicle.

Rear suspension Picture credits: 6x6australia Rear suspension Picture credits: 6x6australia.


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