Human are space orcs tumblr

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Human are space orcs tumblr

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Humans would definitely be the only warm blooded species to go sunbathing with their cold-blooded friends. In the middle of them are some humans probably cuddlingcatching some rays and getting a tan.

Humans Are Space Orcs Stories

I hope so. Whooo wants to show their weirdness to the world? From a distance, at least. Jared inspects the computer core for a few minutes, removing panels and pulling draws out. He eventually gives up and starts to thump the core. Feel free to add on.

Danger: Humans

Though the assault had been a disaster it had forced the Rimward forces on to the defensive as they began fortifying key systems which in turn gave breathing room for the Coalition to regroup and rearm.

The coalition leadership had gathered in a private antechamber and began laying out the direction they felt was needed. Though the coalition was made up of at least a hundred varying species only the nine most powerful races had been allowed into the meeting.

Their individual contributions towards fight, either in terms of military force or war material, had ensured that were they not kept happy the coalition could fall apart.

One by one the leaders spoke to the gathered assembly and laid out their plans. When it finally came time for the human representative to speak their plan was the most strange of all. The humans plan was to detach several dozen small strike forces from the main fleet and hit various industries far behind enemy lines.

The Flinchestet argued that such a rash and random attack could cause untold retaliation across the entire front and those that they had gathered into their corner agreed. Once they had all finished the human reached into their pocket and pulled out a small sphere of metal.

They rolled it over to the Draxic representative and asked them to pick it up and tell them what they see. Calmly picking up the metallic sphere, the Draxic could find nothing out of the ordinary and stated that it was simply a metal sphere. They passed it around between the delegates who all in turn observed it and found nothing remarkable as well.

Finally having the ball passed back to them the human began their speech.

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He reached into his pocket and pulled out several more. They began pacing around the table, calmly dropping a ball bearing on to the table they all sat at as he passed a delegate. They must be forged, manufactured, refined, and then delivered to those who can implement them properly to the destruction of their enemies. The sound of a bearing bouncing off the table made some of the delegates twitch their heads nervously. One missing piece no bigger than the nail of your finger and the greatest weapon the universe has ever seen stops to function.Exactly 47 earth planetary rotations in the past, I began my research into the benefits of human biology.

I expected to yield very few results of note, if any at all, considering the facts that humans are generally weak in body, soft, and prone to the disregard of logic for the sake of following their emotions, as well as their reliance on their basic instincts, which they have yet to overcome. This assumption, however, was morbidly incorrect. Humans have been classified as an A-1 class apex predator race due to their impatience and instinctual behavior, which often results in acts of sub par intelligence, but also staggering results in new fields of study.

This is how they were able to become a space faring race in such a short number of years compared to all other races. In their pre-space age, however, there were a multitude of intellectual men and women who increased the potential of the human race by designing, inventing, and improving many aspects of human civilization, many of which can be found even today.

Human biology consists primarily of an endoskeleton covered in a series of corded fibers and further protected by a thin semipermeable dermis; nothing remarkable by galactic standards, even underdeveloped by nearly all measurements. However, their employment of their simple biology, as barbaric as it may be seem, is nothing short of astonishing. The human body is highly regenerative, more so than some races and less so than others, but it is done in a way unique to them. You see, when some parts of the human body are damaged, they can be repaired in a reasonable amount of time, but they do not always return to their original state.

Their bones, once fractured or even broken, will repair themselves in such a way that they become stronger and better resistant to future damage; their muscles, when strained, will rebuild themselves to a larger and more powerful status; and their skin, if ever cut or torn or exposed to repeated damage, will begin to develop a thicker, slightly less flexible type of armor plating they call a callus. Nearly all humans will develop some or all of these improvements as they live, especially those who engage in the practice of martial arts.

Humans that do also develop a skill in combat which was before unknown and is now unsurpassed in the galaxy. There are many forms of martial arts humans can learn, which means it is harder to learn to combat against them as a race because of their diversity, and all of these styles implement varying methods and uses of varying tools.

To give you a basic understanding of the power a human can attain, I shall disclose some information I gathered while observing a myriad of subjects.

This is a multistep process which includes the motion of both feet, the pivoting of their waist, the rotation of their torso, the closing of a hand to form a tight ball, and the forward motion of that ball called a fist into the mass of their target.

All of this takes place in less than a second. As a result of this complex motion, a single human can deliver more force in one motion than any other race in the entire galaxy. Over pounds- oh, excuse me, newtons!

And they can do this repeatedly for several minutes, even hours! No other race, not even the Natari supersoldiers, can do something even remotely similar. Now, you think this would be horribly damaging to humans. That is barely true. In fact, the human body is engineered for this kind of abuse! For their weight, their bones are incredibly durable, and their soft bodies even absorb most of the impact without any noticeable strain! Even then, some of the fighting styles even take the force the user receives and transfers it to another object!

As a result, some humans can deliver over 5 thou- I mean 22, newtons of force on an object without even harming themselves! This is unprecedented! I believe the human race requires a class of its own. There are other A-1 class apex predator races in the galaxy, and none of them are anywhere near as versatile as humans. Humans also employ a greater intelligence than any other A-1 class apex predator. With these arguments, I suggest the Council of Galactic Science implement the use of what I dub the S-class Superspecies subdivision, and reserve it for the human race until another species is found to come close to matching their abilities, at which point, the number system shall be added to the category.

I imagine this would cause a discussion spanning a significant amount of time as poor Nerva would be incredibly confused and appalled at the information.

human are space orcs

Topics of confusion would be subjects such as Death Metal, EDM, and karaoke, as well as some game soundtracks that have sutra-like chants in them or cathedral vocals like the Halo theme.How soon can you arrive.? Have some of your your cruisers sent in with shield generators.

We would be more combat effective, if all our time was not spent in maneuvers. There was a moment of verbal silence as the room was filled with the distant clattering of feet thundering through the lower decks preparing for battle stations.

Four young soldiers sat in the corner of the room wide eyed and nervously watching the proceedings unfold as their insides churned. Bright blue light erupted around the room, and fifteen figures stepped out of the ether in various stages of wakefulness and or dress. You five are needed immediately with my ship on the front line. The rest of you, prepare yourselves for standby. For the moment we focus on providing support to the Gromm and the GA.

Have your crews ready as soon as possible, and initiate an instant warp. I know it will be rough on the coolant systems, but if you back charge that energy into the rail guns and cannons, that we should be able to arrive prepared. I want jets ready to provide in-atmosphere air support if necessary and as instantly as possible. Am I understood. Turning, he took a seat in his chair, and despite his clothing, a star-wars T-shirt and a pair of heelies, no one would have assumed he was anything other than the commander.

A door clattered behind them, and the small blue Drev from earlier burst through the door and ran across the deck to her seat. Preparing to back charge the railguns, commander. Loading bunker busting rounds, and loading flairs.

At this moment the Burg have declared war on the GA and are attempting to overtake the Gromm planet for its strategic location within the GA. All of you are to report to your battle stations immediately and prepare for war. All vehicles, flying or otherwise, should be ready for takeoff. All non military personnel are to return to their quarters, or a safe room away from the outer hull of the ship.

Please make sure to go over any and all escape pod procedures in case of an emergency….Source: lady-hidekosvia jehovazfitness. I realized why the idea of constellations has always swayed me. Source: beekeeperoscarvia captainamerica-ontheenterprise. Tags: constellation.

Acf repeater inside group

Like most sapient species assume the above; humans are straitlaced, meticulous, and methodical. They follow strict rules which dictate their social interactions and even a slight variation is considered taboo. They are the quintessential bureaucrats. But, ya know, we write it all down in a very orderly manner and get published and peer reviewed.

And then other humans copy the incredibly dangerous experiment to see what happens for themselves. Humans survived the volatile early years of their species rise through community-bonding. They put the needs of a group of individuals over all else; hunting as a group, eating as a group, raising families as a group, and sometimes dying as a group. Other species are baffled to discover that the individual in question need not be human, or even sapient.

So, sure, humans are logical and awfully organized for such a diverse species. They make phenomenal bureaucrats and politicians. Source: maxknightleyvia dudewheresmyapple. Admirals Log 1, My first engagement as an Admiral with the race known as Hooman has ended in our utter defeat, we exited hyperspace right on top of them and they reacted as if they knew we were coming. Are these creatures just super fast or can they see the future?

We retreated to Elixal Prime but my few remaining ships will not be enough to hold them off for long.

I have already began evacuation but there are not enough ships, they will be here soon.

Mhanno regalato una frusta, una vera, alla indiana jones

Admirals Log 5, Elixal Prime is lost, the moment the first of their hive ships arrived we had to abandon any hope of rescuing the population. I can only imagine what horrors they will face. We heard their screams over the com as we left. Admirals log 29 the Hoomans have conquered half the galaxy and there are too few of the surviving races with the ships to even try and stop them.

Some are talking about surrender.So what do you wanna do? If an alien race were the same size as these octopi, the females would be 6. Imagine seeing what you think is your alien comrade sitting alone with dinner, only to see a tiny figure dart across the table like a bug. It scurries up her arm and seems to plant a little kiss on her cheek. So - Imagine a ship, adrift in space, slowly being drawn into a star or something.

In order to save the ship, someone has to repair the hyper-quantum-relay-majig on the hull or in the engine or whatever. But then. They ask the human. Could you survive long enough in there to fix it? And the human fixes it, they come back, the ship flies to safety, and the crew is thrilled to survive.

The good mood keeps up until the human is late for their next shift. No reason to begrudge them some extra rest, even if it is a little weird for them to oversleep. Humans are always fine. A week later, the crew finally reaches the station. They stumble into the bar, haggard and haunted. And over the next months and years a new rumor about humans starts to make its way through space.

A rumor unlike any before. What if, to the majority of species in the galaxy, ten feet tall is unusually short— it basically only happens due to rare genetic conditions— and the average human is basically cat sized or smaller? There are experiments, with aliens crouching low or humans standing on high platforms— but it usually ends up being either uncomfortable for the alien or dangerous for the human, or both, and just generally impractical for everyone.

But, while the diplomats and politicians are trying to figure out a dignified and simple solution, the ordinary people who actually have to work with the aliens have found one. Humans are, generally, pretty good climbers, and most species have conveniently places scales, feathers, fur or clothing that can act as a hand or foothold.

Need somebody to look at the wiring in a small and fairly inaccessible area of the ship? Ask a human. Need somebody to fix this fairly small and very detailed piece of machinery? Trapped under rubble and need somebody to crawl through a small gap and get help?

human are space orcs tumblr

Ask a human— most can wriggle through any gap that they can fit their head and shoulders through. Rumours spread all around the galaxy, of ships that threatened humans or human allies and started experiencing technical problems. Lights going off, wires being cut— in some cases, the cases where the threats were more than just words and humans or friends of humans were killed, life support lines have been severed, or airlocks have mysteriously malfunctioned and whole crews have been sucked out into space.Humans are tough.

We can shrug off plenty of injuries, and we recover pretty fast from most others. Humans have a skewed sense of danger. Even less adventurous humans keep vermin as pets, or snakes, or dogs, that apex predator sub-species we made.

human are space orcs tumblr

We are fascinated by morbid and scary stuff. We have a whole genre designed to terrify people. Tons of fantasy revolves around deadly monsters, plenty of which involve romance with said monsters. Lots of grim dystopias in sci-fi. There are no easy signs to tell who is what, not clothing, not body morphology, not how they paint themselves or their grooming or vestigal hair. The humans themselves argue about how many genders there are.

Most humans are fine with that, even compliment them on their support? A few humans are offended, but are shouted down by their other humans. The other beings of the galaxy officially give up. Others barely can stand to be touched at all, even casually. Some will have sex with their own gender, which does not produce offspring and is confusing to many. Some will have sex only with certain people, some will have sex with anyone. None of this is considered strange. Anyone saying it is strange is again shouted down and shamed into silence.

We just let them move into the house with us. Come here, baby.I wonder what aliens would think about aerogel? The lightest material human has ever created? Something made of Something that was created because of a bet? Like that shit absord literally It seems to be an army of [insert number here] of human ship!!! So we all know that humans are famous for our different accents, but what about humans who spend a lot of time in space?

human are space orcs tumblr

Would we hear accents in alien speech? Especially if the aliens actually learn to speak a human language and not use some kind of machine that automatically does it for them and vice versa for humans who learn a alien language. There is this thing in linguistics called "accommodation theory", and basically it states that humans will subconsciously copy the accents and phrases that people that we get along with will use. There is also a physical counter part to this but we will get to that in a different post.

It wasn't something that Adam had noticed himself doing until he visited a family member and they had told him that he "sounded different. Playing them side by side, there was indeed a difference!

He pronounced words more carefully and drew out vowels more. With longer words, it was much more noticeable. How could he have not noticed he had developed such a drawl? He thought over how or why he might have heard such an accent before. He was the only human on his team, so that wasn't it. Just then, he heard a knock on the door.

human are space orcs tumblr

It was medic Maple, the Verilian. They had soft orange skin and large yellow eyes. They were more shy then his other Verilian ship mates. They didnt like to intrude on others personal space, but even more so for outside species. Thank you for taking the time though, Maple. I appreciate it. A family member of mine said that I have developed a odd speech pattern, and Im trying to figure out where I might have picked it up. I've heard of humans learning unique speech patterns depending on planetary positioning!

Ah, but for my recording, are you asking for my native language or human English? I think that maybe Verilians who have learned to speak english might have their own unique accent separate from human speakers.

If it was true, this could be a huge find! Adam compared the videos, one of him saying a phrase, one with maple repeating the phrase, and the older video of him saying it for refrence in any changes. Adam had asked him to help, as accents and speech differences were something that they had learned in particular, so that, if they had to, could act as translator.

You dont slur your words as much anymore. No offence intended, just saying that English can be hard to understand some times. I think you might be right, infact. I wonder if that means that accents can vary from crew to crew, with shipmates developing accents off eachother.


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